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The ACS Story

 Step By Step

There are so many ways to tell our story. Here's a quick path to get you started. And keep you sharing.
  • STEP 1: Visit the Volunteer Community on to learn about the Sharing Our Story training sessions
  • STEP 2: Learn the Mission
  • STEP 3: Share the Story
  • Repeat STEP 2 & 3 often with new stories and information

 Step 3: Share The Story

Share these ACS social posts with your networks using the #AttackingCancer hashtag:

For more content to social share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or other best practices, check out these resources:

 Got A Story?

Storytelling, or telling the ACS story, is a wonderful way to explain and promote our work, create relevance and engagement, and grow fundraising. Personal stories also help drive ACS CAN's work with constituents and lawmakers.

Although storytelling isn't new to us, this questionnaire gives us a new, consistent way to collect moving and motivating stories to support our work.

Share information about yourself, your cancer story, or connection to the American Cancer Society or ACS CAN through the Story Capture Form.

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