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Volunteer Opportunities

3/12/2018Donate your passenger seat to save a life
Volunteers are needed to help those who cannot drive themselves or have no other means of getting to their cancer treatment by donating their time and use of their personal vehicle to give cancer patients a ride.  If you own a car, then you are already on the road to helping save lives. 
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3/9/2018Relay For Life volunteers needed
Get more involved with your Relay For Life event by joining the event committee. Committee members ensure everything is organized, from recruiting and motivating teams and sponsors to planning ceremonies.
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3/7/2018Catchafire - skill-based volunteers
Visit Catchafire to look at opportunties to use your skills to volunteer with American Cancer Society.
3/6/2018Create a home away from home with Hope Lodge
The American Cancer Society Hope Lodge is the home away from home for many patients and caregivers that need to travel for their treatments. Volunteers help to make our Hope Lodge locations a home away from home in a number of different ways.  Volunteers make meals, provide entertainment, and help with activities for the guests – which is a great opportunity to give back as a group.  Volunteers also assist with administrative duties, light cleaning or gardening, and serve in on-site cancer resource centers. 
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3/2/2018Sharing Our Story Workshop
The American Cancer Society has a story to share and you, the staff and volunteers are the story tellers. Everyday the question is asked, “What does the American Cancer Society do?” In this session we are going to give you the skills to take the story of the American Cancer Society and turn it into one personal elevator pitch. We will be reviewing some interesting facts and figures, along with our brand standards along the way.

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3/1/2018Volunteer Staff Partnership Learning Series
Maintaining a Recruitment Frame of Mind: 

Being proactive with recruitment is critical for high performing committees, events, and programs. This 90-minute virtual session will support volunteers and staff in understanding the current climate of volunteerism, what actions they may be unknowingly taking to stifle recruitment, and steps they can take to get the most return on their investment for recruitment efforts.

Making the Ask: 

You have built a relationship with a volunteer and think that you are getting to the point where you want to ask for their commitment to a task, role, or position. How do you move from a contact to a connection? Join this 90-minute virtual session to get practical tip for making a commitment ask.

Beyond Making the Ask: 

You have made an ask of a volunteer and you have a yes, no, or somewhere in between answer. What do you do in those scenarios? How do you follow up to keep the relationship growing? Join this 90-minute virtual session to connect with others on how they are building relationships beyond the ask regardless of the outcome.

Communication Not Confrontation in Volunteer Relationships: 

Dive deeper into overcoming conflict. Most of the time conflict is the direct result of a conversation you are not having or if you are having it, are not having it well. Join this 90-minute virtual session as we lay out a process to help you plan for that conversation as well as steps to take to start a conversation the right way to put the relationship in the center.

The Working Partnership Agreement:

This 90-minute virtual session will give staff and volunteers a chance to be a “fly on the wall” for a partnership agreement discussion. A partnership agreement is a basis of a great relationship between volunteers and staff. If done well, is a living, working document that changes and develops throughout your time in a role.

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3/1/2018Change Savvy
A change savvy individual understands why business change is constant and what they need to do to succeed. Learn about the stages of organizational and personal change, how to support yourself and others, and strategize about how to thrive. 

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