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Volunteer Recognition

 National Awards

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Medal of Honor
Award Description Current Awardees Volunteer Workgroup
The Medal of Honor, which is the American Cancer Society's highest award, is presented to individuals who have made outstanding and valuable contributions in the categories of Cancer Control, Clinical Research, Basic Research, and Philanthropy.
  • Basic Research - Lewis C. Cantley, Ph.D. (Northeast)
  • Cancer Control - Leslie Bernstein, Ph.D., MS (West)
  • Clinical Research - Ching-Hon Pui, MD (North Central)

  • Read more about the current awardees on
  • Elizabeth "Terry" T.H. Fontham, MPH, DrPH (South)
  • John Cunningham (North Central)
  • Kim Duchossois (North Central)
  • Michael Marquardt (Southeast)
  • Myles Brown (Northeast)
  • Brian Druker, MD (West)
  • Volunteer Leadership Award
    Award Description Current Awardees Volunteer Workgroup
    Presented to volunteer leaders who have served on enterprise-wide programs, initiatives, or Board-level committees or task forces. Learn more on
  • Diana S. Diaz, RN, MS (North Central)
  • Heddie M. Sumpter (South)
  • Robert K. Brookland, MD, Chair (Northeast)
  • Kathleen M. Bond (North Central)
  • Carolyn F. Rhee, FACHE (West)
  • Roger Shubert (North Central)
  • Volunteer Staff Partnership Award
    Award Description Current Awardees Volunteer Workgroup
    Recognizes a volunteer and staff team that models and reflects a successful partnership with a positive impact on the ACS mission. Learn more on
  • Sandi Cassese and Light of Hope Leadership Team (Global Headquarters)
  • Mike Shult and Amy Rohrer (North)
  • Terry Hurst and Rachael Cook (North Central)
  • Brad Fletcher and Aimee Nuwer (Northeast)
  • Marty Futscher and Anne Bates (South)
  • Doug Pridgen and Danette Hodges (Southeast)
  • Carolyn Rhee and Dan Witzling (West)
  • Dr. Andrew Salner, Chair (Northeast)
  • Laurie Bertrand, Staff (North)
  • Cynthia LeBlanc (West)
  • Perry Reed (West)
  • Jeffrey Schofield (North)
  • Gary Streit (North)
  • St. George National Award
    Award Description Current Awardees Volunteer Workgroup
    Recognizes outstanding Region volunteers who made significant contributions to the American Cancer Society's strategic goals. Learn more on
  • Phyllis Baum (Southeast)
  • Warner Baxter (North)
  • P. Kay Coleman (West)
  • Rich Crepage, ED.D (North Central)
  • Joseph Gillette (Northeast)
  • Mark A. Goldberg, MD (Northeast)
  • Deb Krause (North)
  • Krista Lee (South)
  • Jose Ramos (West)
  • Susan T. Vadaparampil, PhD, MPH (Southeast)
  • Susan H. Waldrop, CFRE (South)
  • Ray G. Young (North Central)
  • Linda Z. Mowad, RN, Chair (Northeast)
  • Steven Ai (West)
  • Andrejs Avots-Avotins, M.D. (South)
  • Ed Coulter (South)
  • T.J. Ryan (North)
  • Trish Greene Quality of Life Award
    Award Description Current Awardees Volunteer Workgroup
    Recognizes those who have devoted their careers to quality of life areas and have accomplished outstanding research that benefits cancer patients and their families. Learn more on
  • Barbara Ann Given, PhD, MSN, BSN (North Central)
  • Marion Morra, MA, ScD, Chair (Northeast)
  • Laura J. Hilderley, RN, MS (North)
  • Kathi Mooney, PhD, RN, FAAN (North)
  • Margaret A. Pierce, DNP, RN, MS (North Central)
  • Clement S. Rose, MD (North Central)
  • Kevin Stein, PhD, FAPOS (Southeast)
  • Corinne Leach, MPH, MS, PHD, Staff (Southeast)
  • Lane Adams Quality of Life Award
    Award Description Current Awardees Volunteer Workgroup
    Recognizes individuals characterized by innovation, leadership, and consistent excellence in providing compassionate, skilled care and counsel to people with cancer and their families. Learn more on
  • Diogo Barbosa (North)
  • Catherine Gaines, PA-C (Southeast)
  • Jackie Miller, RN, BSN, OCN (Northeast)
  • Roshani Patel, MD, FACS (Northeast)
  • Amy Roberts, LCSW (Southeast)
  • Mandy Samford (South)
  • Susan D. Henry, LCSW, Chair (South)
  • Genevieve V. Foley, RN, MSN (Northeast)
  • Linda Z. Mowad, RN (Northeast)
  • Timothy Mullet, MD (South)
  • Letitia Thompson, Staff (South)
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     Volunteer Teams

    Gen2End Leadership Team

    The American Cancer Society is investing in younger generations with the confidence that these will be the individuals to end cancer. Our young professional volunteers embody what it means to attack cancer from every angle; raising awareness and funds, giving their time and talents, and impacting every facet of the mission of the American Cancer Society. These volunteers will develop new strategies and build long-term efforts that will change the trajectory of the Society, bringing an end to cancer as we know it. The Gen2End Leadership Team is a team of volunteers who are driving the young professional volunteer engagement strategy for the American Cancer Society.

    • Melissa Park, Volunteer, Co-Lead (West)
    • Kyle Polke, Volunteer, Co-Lead (North Central)
    • Ian Lock, Volunteer (North)

    Global Young Professional Council

    The Global Young Professional Council is a group of volunteers and staff who were assembled to do research and make strategic recommendations to the Senior Leadership Team as to how to better, recruit, and retain young professional volunteers and staff to further our mission. Council members will also help to oversee the implementation of these recommendations.

    • Ian Lock, Volunteer (North)
    • Dana Bernson, Volunteer (Northeast)
    • Michelle Brady, Staff (Global Headquarters)
    • Ashley Engelman, Staff (Northeast)
    • Cynthia Lau, Volunteer (Southeast)
    • Karina Ogawa, Staff, (North Central)
    • Dustin Perchal, Staff (ACS CAN)
    • Allison Smith, Volunteer (Northeast)
    • Aroona Toor, Staff (Global Headquarters)

    Skills-based Volunteer Team

    This team of volunteers and staff is focused on expanding the American Cancer Society's skills-based volunteer program. Skills-based volunteers are those volunteers who work on shorter-term, typically virtual projects that allow them to use their professional skills to further the mission of the American Cancer Society.

    • Melissa Park, Volunteer, Lead (West)
    • Jason McClelland, Staff (North)
    • Brian Rubenstein, Staff (ACS CAN)
    • Rachel Saslow, Volunteer (Northeast)
    • Hannah Ropp, Volunteer (South)
    • Tristen Caudle, Volunteer (North)
    • Robin Godshalk, Volunteer (Northeast)

    Volunteer Product Council Team

    This group will help ensure that the volunteer staff partnership remains the heart of everything we do. This team is made up of volunteers who aren't afraid to identify where we fall short, and who are able to utilize data to develop strategies that will support volunteer engagement, recruitment, development, and retention.

    • Diana Diaz, Volunteer, Chair (North Central)
    • Jen Bercy, Volunteer (West)
    • Jamie Byrne-McCollum, Volunteer (South)
    • Richard Crepage, Volunteer (North Central)
    • Caitlin DeVos, Volunteer (North)
    • Mahli Lowder, Volunteer (Southeast)
    • Tim Osterholm, Volunteer (South)
    • Gail Reid Vestal, Staff (Southeast)
    • Julie Shaver, Volunteer (West)

    Volunteer Recognition Team

    This group will work to strategize and implement recognition requirements and best practices for the Society; apply business metrics and evaluation data to improve recognition standards; specifically, with National Volunteer Week; partner with Regions to provide strategic support of recognition requirements; develop partnerships with other organizations to enhance recognition standards; and ensure products support the Diversity & Inclusion strategy.

    • Bryan Earnest, Volunteer, Chair (North)
    • Dr. Margaret Drugay, Volunteer (South)
    • Grace Erikson, Volunteer (North Central)
    • Cynthia LeBlanc, Volunteer (West)
    • Margaret (Peggy) Pierce, Volunteer (North Central)

    Volunteer Technology Strategy and Implementation Team

    This team was developed to enable volunteers to have a more active role in the future use of technological practices/solutions for volunteers at the enterprise level. This team will be responsible for conducting research on potential products, will role model utilization of available tech resources for volunteers, developing strategies for implementation for any new strategies in the future, and organization-wide implementation to support our volunteer engagement strategies.

    • Zach Dane, Volunteer, Chair (Northeast)
    • Eileen Boerger, Volunteer (West)
    • Tristen Caudle, Volunteer (North)
    • Tom Flookes, Volunteer (West)
    • Linda Landis, Volunteer (Northeast)
    • Ed Scholl, Volunteer (Northeast)
    • Bryan Sherwood, Volunteer (South)
    • Jen Vargas, Volunteer (Southeast)

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