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Announcing the winner of our Super Bowl Sweepstakes

‚ÄčAttending Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta with her husband this Sunday will be Kristin Close, 55, of Norwich, VT. An entry on her bucket list, which she'll now be able to cross off, was to see a Patriots game in person. This will be her first live NFL experience, and the Super Bowl, no less.

Her husband is a cancer survivor.

""The morning after the play-off finals I was looking to see how much seats cost at the Super Bowl and thought NO WAY - we would never pay that to go to a football game!  But, when I saw Fanthropic's Crucial Catch Campaign, I thought now that is where the money should go, the American Cancer Society," Kristin said.

Her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2012. He had two brain surgeries to remove it and 30 days of radiation. "He goes back annually for an MRI and we are happy to report everything looks stable!  And he is just one of so many people I know personally who are either fighting cancer or have been lost to it," she said.

Kristin is super excited about this amazing opportunity. She says she and her husband have not left Vermont in 20 years! She entered the sweepstakes on Jan. 22 via The Defender Tool that helps people assess their cancer risk.

"Never in a million years did we ever think we would win this trip!!  It's just crazy," she said. "The people who called to tell us and who are setting up the trip have been amazing - so friendly and helpful and generous!  A huge thanks to NFL's Crucial Catch campaign and the American Cancer Society! And GO PATS!!!"

We had nearly 10,000 sweepstakes entries.

We wish Kristin and her husband lots of fun this weekend - and continued good health.

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