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We need your help tweeting and retweeting #IDriveFor posts!

Chevrolet’s #IDriveFor social media campaign is back, and each of us has an opportunity to “drive” fundraising for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer with a simple Twitter or Instagram post using the hashtag #IDriveFor. 

Retweets count, too, so visit the American Cancer Society's Twitter account and start sharing #IDriveFor posts today!

Here are some easy ways you can help:

  • Engage other volunteers by promoting the #IDriveFor campaign on Regional and event social media channels and through volunteer networks. 
  • Watch the ACS social channels in October and retweet and re-gram posts that include the hashtag #IDriveFor.

The Society’s partnership with Chevrolet has helped raise more than $12 million dollars over the last several years, specifically for breast cancer research, prevention, and care. 

If you are not on Twitter or Instagram, create an account now! Raising money for ACS has never been so easy!

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