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2019 ACS CAN Advocacy Accomplishments report now available

It showcases how ACS is attacking cancer from every angle, including through public policy advocacy

ACS CAN's 2019 Advocacy Accomplishments report, Champions for Change: Leading the Fight to Conquer Cancer, is now available to read and share.

The report reflects on ACS CAN's past successes as it moves our mission forward during these challenging times by continuing to advocate on behalf of cancer patients and survivors. The COVID-19 pandemic has only further highlighted the critical need for access to health care, making public policy advocacy even more critical to cancer patients and their loved ones. 

The 2019 report details ACS CAN’s successes at all levels of government and across our mission priority areas, including cancer research and prevention, access to health care, tobacco control, and global advocacy. 

In 2019, ACS CAN volunteers and staff made tremendous impact on the fight against cancer, from intensive campaigns to pass strong, comprehensive tobacco control legislation, to creating a deeper conversation around the crucial, lifesaving role that Medicaid plays in our communities. ACS CAN also expanded its global impact on cancer.

While not a complete account of the tremendous work ACS CAN volunteers and staff achieved in 2019, the report demonstrates the organization’s unique ability to drive impact and influence public policy by elevating the voices of cancer patients, survivors, and their families in communities nationwide. 

In addition to publishing the full report in PDF form, ACS CAN’s website now features a new landing page (pictured in the smaller image) dedicated to the Accomplishments Report. 

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