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A celebrity plug for Hope & Co bracelets

Actress Vivica Fox tells People Magazine that one of her favorite things is a Hope & Co bracelet that benefits ACS.

People Magazine recently featured actress Vivica A. Fox and her favorite style and beauty products – one of which is the new charity bracelet "Manifest Your Best" by Hope & Co benefiting the American Cancer Society! 

The brand new relationship with the Rhode Island-based Hope & Co is managed by Amanda Leite and Michelle Wolf from the Northeast Region. Hope & Co's senior designer Jackie C. Kasun designed the new bracelet for the American Cancer Society after watching her grandmother battle cancer. 10% of the proceeds of each bracelet sold through December 2021 benefits ACS. View all of bracelets that support our mission.

ACS Twitter accounts CancerNYNJ and ACSNewEngland gave Ms. Fox a shout out about the article – and she retweeted both messages to her 618,000 followers. Help share the love and retweet the message, too!

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