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ACS launches new CEOs Against Cancer Global Council

The American Cancer Society is continuing to think globally as we launch a new CEOs Against Cancer Global Council comprised of some of the most powerful and influential employers from multinational corporations around the world.

The formation of this group is a signal to the world of the commitment of our foremost business leaders in making cancer and its unfortunate contribution to the global health crisis a priority. As you can see on our new Global Council page on, this group truly represents a diversity of expertise. 

Global Council members will serve in an advisory capacity on time sensitive, industry, subject matter, or geographically relevant topics pertaining to the global cancer burden. They will provide a critical global perspective on how cancer affects business and commerce, employees and their families, and communities around the world. 

These insights are even more important as the new ACS mobilizes to change the course of cancer – in workplaces and beyond – by extending our partnerships and ever sharpening our focus on mission priority outcomes. 

In the coming months, ACS will focus on rounding out the council's full membership of 15 CEOs who will serve in a two-year, renewable term. Once complete, we will plan a more public media launch. In the meantime, you can read our CEO Gary Reedy's thoughts on the Global Council's high-level goals and strategic direction via his LinkedIn blog post.

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