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Catchafire can make our volunteers' jobs easier, too

​Steve Bell, volunteer for the Nationwide Relay Leadership Team, hoped to develop a volunteer resource that would allow potential volunteers to identify volunteer leadership opportunities throughout the U.S. He had all the data at his fingertips – volunteer role descriptions, 470 volunteer leaders currently occupying roles, and more than 430 volunteer leadership vacancies. He just needed to develop a user- friendly interface for everyone to access. 

Steve used the opportunity to engage a skills-based volunteer through the Catchafire platform. The American Cancer Society recently began a partnership with Catchafire to bring more skills-based volunteers into the organization. Both volunteers and staff have been utilizing the system to match a skill-based volunteer with their project. 

Steve posted his request for help on Catchafire and within two hours was matched with a data scientist from the United Kingdom. The volunteer developed a resource map that allows volunteers to identify opportunities in their area, access a role description, and submit a volunteer interest form online. The tool also keeps Relay leadership informed on vacancies so they can work on recruitment. 

"Catchafire has been a game changer for my volunteer role with ACS," said Steve. "We've been able to initiate projects on our "someday maybe" wish list, and accomplish so much more than we thought possible."

"Professionally, I manage many projects, programs, and contracts. When we need something accomplished we reach out and find the industry experts to help us see it through--and that's how Catchafire works as well," added Steve. "Working with Catchafire allows us to attract and engage new volunteers with new skills."  

Relay leadership volunteers and Area Board chairs are among key volunteers that have been given access to the Catchafire platform. To date, there have been 70 capacity-building projects posted, and 56 projects matched on the Catchafire platform. A total of 1,245 volunteer hours have been donated by skills-based volunteers, saving ACS $125,750!

PHOTO: Steve Bell, his wife Renee, and his skills-based volunteer, Alessio.  

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