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The National HPV Vaccination Roundtable



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Welcome to the National HPV Roundtable SharePoint site.  ​​
This site provides access to resources and ​information developed by the HPV Roundtable. If you're a member of a Task Group, please sign in to access your project pages.  

The National HPV Vaccination Roundtable (HPV Roundtable) is a coalition of public, private, and voluntary organizations and experts dedicated to reducing incidence of and mortality from HPV-associated cancer in the United States. 

Over 80 organizations have joined forces with the American Cancer Society to increase awareness, educate providers and the public, and implement systems changes. Together, Roundtable members are collaborating and leveraging opportunities to prevent cancer through HPV vaccination.​

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​Task group updates are posted on the Task Group page. Members should have received email invitations to their calls.  Let us know if any issues arise.  

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​View sessions at​.​​ Sessions are captured in three parts, so it's easy to watch in multiple viewing sessions.

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We're In! A New Call-To-Action for HPV Vaccination Partners Presentation (PDF)

"We're In!" Download Agreement (surveymonkey)

"We're In!" Brand Guide (PDF)

We're In! Recruitment Flyer (4x11) (PDF)

We're In! Recruitment Flyer (8x11) (PDF)


​Is your organization ready to publicly support HPV vaccination as a way to prevent HPV-associated cancers and pre-cancers? If yes, you are ready to JOIN US.

Click on the Download Agreement link to gain access to the "We're In!" symbol files then download and use the symbol to publicly support HPV vaccination.

Download the recruitment flyer to share with your partners and colleagues!

​State Coalitions


Case Study - Michigan (PDF)

Case Study - Texas (PDF)


Learn how the Michigan State Health Department used rate awareness as a tool to increase their national ranking within the National Immunization Survey for vaccination coverage.

Learn how the Texas Immunization Program customized adolescent vaccine ordering profiles for Texas Vaccines for Children clinics as a way to increase HPV vaccination rates.



Protecting your patients against HPV-associated cancers: what providers need to know about oropharyngeal cancer (YouTube)

Check out the National HPV Vaccination Roundtable's new 11-minute video for healthcare providers with information on HPV-related oropharyngeal cancers, which are on the rise in the United States. 


Watch: Harnessing the Power of Social Media to Increase HPV Vaccination (1hr)

Watch a 1-hour webinar on "Harnessing the Power of Social Media." Includes the presentations: "We're In! A New Call-To-Action for HPV Vaccination Partners" and "Social Media Resources for HPV Vaccination Partners."




​Best and Promising Practices for Increasing HPV Vaccination Conference Agenda

Best and Promising Practices for Increasing HPV Vaccination Conference - recording

​On August 29, 2016, The National HPV Vaccination Roundtable Best Practices Task Group hosted a 1-day conference titled, "National Conference on Best and Promising Practices for Increasing HPV Vaccination."

The meeting was recorded and is available for viewing. Password: Aug29Conf

​Electronic Health Records/Immunization Information Systems Users

EHR.IIS.Executive summary.pdf

Report on Professionals Views on Using EHR and IIS to Increase HPV Vaccination.pdf

​A white paper that explores the technological and behavioral barriers that prevent health care providers from effectively using electronic health records (EHR) and immunization informations systems (IIS) to support on-time, complete HPV vaccination.

Summary and full report available.



HPV Cancer Survivor Videos

Database of Organizations with HPV Cancer Survivor Speakers

​Link to the YouTube library full of short (2-3 minute) videos of HPV cancer surivors and their providers. These videos are great teaching tools for providers and perfect for sharing via social media and on patient portals.

Would you like to invite a HPV-cancer survivor to address your conference, meeting or grand round? This database contains contact information for organizations across the country that work with survivors to tell their stories. Search by state or cancer-type.

​School NursesMiddle School Heatlh ToolboxMiddle School Health Starts Here’s purpose is to address the issues which impact the health and safety of middle schoolers. This toolkit provides research and evidence-based information to help school nurses and parents. While the Roundtable is focused on increasing awareness of HPV vaccination and to dispel myths about the vaccine, the program was created to address all health issues of middle schoolers. School nurses are often seen as a valuable resource for parents, who have questions about all aspects of tween health. This program was created to support school nurses as they answer those questions.
​​ParentsMiddle School Health for Parents​ A guide for tween health for 11-12 year-old children.
​HPV Vaccination Advocates​HPV Vaccine ClearinghouseHere you can find effective resources to support your implementation of strategies to increase HPV vaccination.
​​Electronic Health Records/Immunization Information Systems Users


HPV Lit Review Letterhead_FINAL.pdf
​A brief literature scan that examines the evidence for best practices in using EHR/IIS systems for HPV vaccination.




HPV Vaccine Provider Toolkit for Health Plans

The HPV vaccine provider toolkit for health plans is designed to help health plans educate their health care professionals and care teams on the HPV vaccine and the critical importance of a strong provider recommendations to increase HPV vaccination rates. Health plans can choose the "Dear Provider" letter in a variety of formats as well as link to CDC  and ACS resources.
​PublicHPV Roundtable Overview Video​

​A two minute video to learn more about the work of the HPV Vaccination Roundtable.

​Pharmacies1. Pharmacy located HPV Vaccination Pilot Final Report_MI.pdf

2.  Updated: Full Report: Pharmacy located HPV Vaccination-Pilot Projects in Iowa, Kentucky and Oregon
​​​Two commissioned pilot projects on pharmacy-located HPV vaccination

 Why vaccinate 11-12 year olds? (PPT)

Why vaccinate 11-12 year olds (YouTube)

Dr. Debbie Saslow explains why 11-12 years old is a critical window for HPV vaccination.

​PublicHPV VacRoundtable Fact Sheet_Nov2016.pdf
​A one page document that gives an overview of the HPV Vaccination Roundtable
​​State CoalitionsHPV Vaccination Roundtable_Structure Fact Sheet_nov2016.pdf
​A one page document that explains our structure and organization. To be used as a reference for state coalitions and roundtables.