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April 16: Shop for unique jewelry in our eBay store

Our eBay store will feature a curated collection from our 50+ West Coast Discovery Shops.

‘Shine Bright, Give Back’ when you shop and help promote the West Region Discovery Shop bi-annual eBay Jewelry Event on Friday, April 16.

Grab a front row seat from noon - 1 p.m. ET for a LIVE preview with insider and influencer Thrift Shop Hustler - YouTube. Then, visit our eBay Store at 1 p.m. ET that Friday and 'buy it when you see it' when “Buy It Now” listings go live.

One-of-a-kind and beautiful jewelry donations have been curated from across our 50+ West Coast shop locations. Every purchase helps support the ACS mission. 

Please follow American Cancer Society Discovery Shop Enterprise on Facebook and please like and share the posts you see there to help us promote this event.

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