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May 23 is ACS Giving Day

ACS to celebrate its 110th anniversary with 24 hours of fundraising.

On Tuesday, May 23, the American Cancer Society will kick off its 110th anniversary celebration with Giving Day, a 24-hour long celebration and opportunity to raise funds to help end cancer as we know it, for everyone. 

The integrated Giving Day campaign will include features on social media, email,, and a robust crowdfunding campaign, challenging supporters to start their own fundraiser on behalf of ACS. That crowdfunding/digital fundraising campaign kicks off May 15 and runs through June 30. 

Day-of efforts will drive users to with the message, “donate now to help us end cancer as we know it, for everyone.”

What can you do to help?

Celebrate the impact ACS has had in the past 110 years thanks in part to your contribution.

  • Amplify social media content on ACS national channels on May 16, 22, and 23.
  • Consider starting a Giving Day fundraiser

  • Delta Corporate Relay For Life and Jet Drag top $1M

    Airline has raised more than $18M since 2003.

    The competition really took off this year at the Delta Jet Drag and Relay For Life event on Wednesday, May 3. Teams of 25 rallied for the 12th annual Jet Drag – the ultimate plane-pulling contest to see who could move a Boeing 757 25 feet in the shortest amount of time.  In total, both events garnered 4,500 pullers and 8,500 attendees.

    CEO Dr. Karen Knudsen and members of Delta’s leadership, including CEO Ed Bastian, pictured below, participated in the opening ceremony before 155 teams took to the runway. Several Atlanta-based ACS leaders were also onsite to join the pull and show their support. In addition to the annual Jet Drag, Delta’s corporate Relay For Life event also took place onsite at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, which is one of the largest corporate Relay in the U.S. This year, the Delta Jet Drag and corporate Relay For Life event raised more than $1,070,830 for the American Cancer Society, an increase of more than 31% over last year.

    Besides this fun video tweeted by Atlanta News First journalist Madeline Montgomery, news media coverage included:

  • The Cancer History Project gets in step with Relay For Life history

    The evolution of the global Relay For Life movement is featured in the oncology news publication.

    The American Cancer Society's Chief of Organizational Advancement Mike Neal recently reflected on the history of ACS’ Relay For Life: “It was new, and it was exciting. People were telling me you'd go and stay overnight at a high school track. I thought, ‘That sounds like the strangest idea.’

    What would later become the global movement that is Relay For Life, one that has raised billions of dollars and touched millions of lives, started simply: with one man and a dream, Dr. Gordy Klatt, pictured above, in the center.

    “You laugh, you cry, you feel every emotion in between. It’s a 24-hour roller coaster. But you connect with people in such a strong way. It really brings the community together,” said Brian Marlow, longtime Relay For Life volunteer and chair of the American Cancer Society’s Board of Directors.

    Read these reflections and more about this event’s lasting legacy in the Cancer History Project's recent feature article, and like and share the tweet about it.

    Created to mark the 50th anniversary of the National Cancer Act of 1971, the Cancer History Project is a free historical resource that places—in perpetuity—a vast, expertly curated collection of primary sources and authoritative interpretations within easy reach of researchers, medical professionals, students, policy-makers, and patients.

  • Fit2Be Cancer Free CEO challenge winners announced

    The ACS Fit2Be Cancer Free Challenge has officially started! CEOs and their employees are using the MoveSpring app to compete in a virtual race through May 18. To kick off the three-week virtual step competition, the Fit2Be CEOs Challenge took place on April 27 and 81 registered CEOs hit the pavement to log as many steps as possible during the challenge. Collectively, the CEOs totaled an amazing 2,467,770 steps during the 24-hour window.

    Congratulations to the top 3 finishers, and to the CEO most active on social media during the 24-hour CEO Challenge:

    • 1st place: Tom Brown, CSI Leasing (101,173 steps)
    • 2nd place: Steve Chapman, St. Louis Blues (101,104 steps)
    • 3rd place: Juliet Breeze, Next Level Urgent Care (100,976 steps)
    • Most Socially Active: Steve O’Loughlin, LHM

    In addition, the American Cancer Society’s own Chief Executive Officer Dr. Karen Knudsen made an impressive showing with more than 85,600 steps logged during the challenge window!

    You can track the Challenge leaderboard, or make a donation, at

  • Discovery Shop’s Customer Loyalty Program goes live

    ​Response to new program shows increased engagement.

    American Cancer Society Discovery Shops aren’t your typical thrift or resale shops. High quality, gently used and new merchandise, including collectible and vintage items, are donated by the community then curated and sold in our upscale stores to support the mission of ACS. Purchases, donations of goods, and volunteers truly help drive this successful retail network. Recently, a new Loyalty Program launched, which rewards constituents with exclusive perks, rewards, and savings.

    The Discovery Shop Loyalty Program includes various tiers and rewards for members, including welcome rewards, exclusive offers, account anniversary rewards, level-up rewards, bonus point promotions, and access to special events. Those who join can climb the ranks from Member to Influencer, Ambassador, and ultimately VIP status, unlocking new perks and benefits with every shopping experience.

    The first month's analysis proves the program to be an effective tool in raising customer engagement and driving dollars to the mission through the continued sale of gently used items. Today there are nearly 106,000 customers enrolled in the system, with more than 9,100 signing on since the program launched in March 2023. Loyalty customers represented about 60% of overall sales for the month.

    “This is a big step for the Discovery Shop program and has altered the customer experience for the better,” said Regina Schmitz. “The Loyalty Program should also yield greater data collection for continued outreach and integration of customers across other ACS opportunities and engagements.

    For more information on Discovery Shop locations, volunteer opportunities or the online eBay store please click here

  • Replay is available for Discovering the Future

    Year-long stewardship series connecting ACS researchers and survivors kicked off March 22.

    Discovering the Future is a year-long series of virtual conversations featuring an American Cancer Society funded researcher sharing breakthrough research and innovations with our audiences, along with the opportunity to hear directly from survivors who benefit from the research first-hand. Each featured event will help educate supporters on how donor dollars are funding life-saving research, steward top supporters across all programs, and provide inspiration for future support and fundraising efforts.

    Just in time for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, the first event in the series was held on Wednesday, March 22. ACS team members and volunteers can can view a replay at this link.

    Featured guests

    The March conversation featured ACS researcher, Dr. Caroline Um and rectal cancer survivor Bridgett Riley.

    Dr. Caroline Um began working at ACS as a post-doctoral fellow investigating how foods and nutrients affect the risk of colorectal cancer. She moved on to become a Principal Scientist in Population Science, and her research has expanded to include other exposures and their relationship with early-onset colorectal cancer. Dr. Um also investigates the role of the gut and oral microbiome in colorectal cancer development and progression. She conducted pilot studies to test stool collection methods that informed future methods of stool collection and now leads the new CPS-3 Gut & Oral Microbiome Sub-Study. The goal of this sub study is to collect 10,000 paired stool and saliva samples from participants of the Cancer Prevention Study-3 cohort. She has a particular interest in identifying ways the gut and oral microbiomes can be modified to address the increasing incidence of colorectal cancer in younger populations and to develop interventions for racial/ethnic minorities who have higher rates of colorectal cancer.

    Bridgett Riley is a female boxer, motion picture stuntwoman, and nearly four-year rectal cancer survivor. She is an IFBA Boxing World Champion and five-time Kickboxing World Champion with a 27-1 winning record. She has been a stunt double in Hollywood for over 25 years and has been in more than 100 films and TV shows.

  • ACS and Genentech partnership to drive greater health equity for all

    Collaborative effort aims to improve access and outcomes.

    With health equity issues in cancer care continuing to disproportionately impact medically under-resourced communities, the American Cancer Society and Genentech are partnering to execute a $4 million collaborative effort to provide equitable access to every cancer patient and their families. 

    The goals of the partnership include:

    • Increase access to innovative, high-quality cancer care and improve health equity for marginalized populations 
    • Expand programmatic reach of patient navigation programs and seek policy changes to enhance patient services to support the needs of every patient and family 
    • Address health-related psychosocial needs for every patient and their families 
    • Increase access to, and utilization of, biomarker testing and emerging therapies 
    • Increase discoveries and diverse representation in clinical trials 

    “Our partnership reflects the depth and breadth of our commitments to improving cancer outcomes for everyone across the continuum of care,” said Chief Executive Officer Dr. Karen Knudsen. “The strength of our partnership derives from aligned organizational priorities and proven success in addressing emergent needs.” 

    Even as cancer mortality rates decline in the United States, potentially preventable cancer deaths persist in communities with little to no access to advances in prevention, detection, treatment, and survivorship. It is estimated that medical care only accounts for 10-20 percent of the modifiable contributors to healthy outcomes, while the other 80 to 90 percent are attributed to other social determinants of health which impede advancement in health equity.

    For nearly 40 years, ACS and Genentech have collaborated in several efforts to advance cancer care for all patients. Most recently, Genentech served as the founding sponsor of ACS’s Get Screened initiative, meant to rapidly restore and improve screening rates in the wake of the pandemic. This movement focused on communities that faced historical inequities and had the greatest impact from the pandemic. 

    ACS team members can help amplify this news by sharing from the ACS Brand LinkedIn and Twitter channels.

  • New Schools vs Cancer program available for elementary engagement

    Program now offers grant-based fundraising incentives.

    The recently relaunched Schools vs Cancer program is an elementary fundraising initiative and one of the first opportunities for elementary students to get engaged with the American Cancer Society in a simple, easy and fun way.

    We are working to raise $500,000 in new revenue through the new program and spring is a great time to introduce Schools vs Cancer to local districts and elementary contacts. It brings education and community service to classrooms and allows the students to raise funds to help us end cancer as we know it, for everyone. During the campaign, students also learn age-appropriate cancer information and tips to reduce their risk through topics like physical activity, sun safety, good nutrition, and tobacco prevention. 

    What does it look like?

    Schools vs Cancer is intended to be an engaging experience for students and easy for schools to implement. Schools pick a day on the school calendar to host fun and engaging activities to start a lifelong path to healthier living students. ACS offers multiple ideas to help support fundraising efforts and participating schools also have the opportunity to receive a financial grant based on their total dollars raised.

    • Raise $1,000-$2,499, receive 10% back as a grant
    • Raise $2,500-$4,999, receive 15% back as a grant
    • Raise $5,000+ receive 20% back as a grant

    In addition, educational material resources aligned with existing curricula are available for grades 4 and 5 (by request) to help introduce the topic of cancer in a youth-friendly way.

    How do new schools get involved? Email or visit the website to learn more and complete the inquiry form.

    For more information on Schools vs Cancer, please reach out to Dillon Ardabell, national director for Youth & College Engagement.

  • Lisa Priester named 2022 Denise Noel Discovery Award winner

    Ohio native honored for generosity of time and talent.

    Congratulations to Lisa Priester, of Chardon, OH, for being named the 2022 Denise Noel Discovery Award winner. Since 2015 Lisa has been a full-time volunteer with the Chardon, Ohio Discovery Shop. As one of the main donation processors, Lisa welcomes an average of 35-40 donation drop offs per day and always creates a welcoming environment for donors, customers, and volunteers. She is sure to thank every donor for supporting ACS and always invites them to come in and shop the store before heading back home. Lisa also works closely with student community service volunteers, many who choose to continue volunteering after their hour requirements are fulfilled simply because they’ve had a fun experience at the shop.

    Discovery Shops are powered by the strength of our volunteers and never has this been more evident than during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Like all Discovery Shops across the country, there was a significant drop in volunteerism throughout 2020 and 2021.  As the busiest and largest store in Ohio, Lisa is always generous with her time -consistently volunteering the most hours each year to the Chardon Discovery Shop.  During the worst of the pandemic, she would often come in on her off days and not only offer extra time, but moral support and encouragement during a challenging period.  Because of a small and mighty group of volunteers, and especially Lisa, the Chardon Discovery Shop was able to weather the worst of the pandemic. 

    Award Background

    After her own family was touched with cancer, Denise Noel founded the very first Discovery Shop in San Fernando CA, in 1965, which is now a 61-location chain of resale shops operated by the American Cancer Society. Denise was tenacious in her pursuit of excellence and her drive to create an upscale resale shop to support the mission of the American Cancer Society and her legacy of grace, giving, and service live on through our wonderful Discovery Shop volunteers. This award is presented annually to an individual or group in recognition of outstanding contributions to the Discovery Shop program.  

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