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To our suppliers

Thank you for your partnership!

As a valued supplier, we appreciate your help to ensure we work together in the most efficient and cost-effective manner by using our procure-to-pay system. This page will help you find information and resources to transact efficiently with the American Cancer Society (ACS).

Join us in the fight!

Here at ACS, we are committed to spending donor dollars wisely. By doing so, we can fight cancer on all fronts in every community. Together, we're making a difference - and you can, too! To join us in the fight, please visit

Procure-to-pay system

The American Cancer Society uses Coupa as our electronic procure-to-pay system. Internally we call it ACS Marketplace.

In order to conduct business, make payments and meet IRS requirements,
we need you to create a supplier account in our Coupa system. Through it, we will send you purchase orders and change orders and you will use it to acknowledge purchase orders, submit invoices, view payment details, and manage your supplier information.

Setting up your account is easy and secure.
How-to resources
Navigate to our Supplier Resources for helpful information and step-guides.

Before we can transact

Methods to transact
Infrequent business with ACS

If you submit one invoice per order or fewer than 10 invoices annually, utilize SAN (Supplier Actionable Notification) and receive purchase orders and create invoices directly from your email inbox.

Select Respond without joining in the email you receive to set up your ACS supplier account.

Recurrent business with ACS

If you will submit recurrent/multiple invoices per order or more than 10 invoices annually, join the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP).

This will allow you to efficiently manage purchase orders, submit invoices, view payment details, and manage your supplier information.

   1. Select Join and Respond in the email you receive to
       register for the CSP.
   2. After completing registration log in to the CSP, click the
       Profile tab, and fill out and submit the Supplier Request
       for Information form.


Supplier resources
Go with the flow for efficient and expedient transactions!
Create & Manage Account
Manage Orders
Create Invoices

Set up your supplier account so you can conduct business with ACS

Receive and manage purchase orders via the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) or emails (SAN)

After delivering the goods or services, create the electronic invoice via CSP or SAN and view invoice status.
  Preparing to Transact With ACS  
  How to Complete the Supplier Information Form  
  Get Started With the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)  
  Manage Your Account  

  Questions? Contact Customer Service at  
  Work With the CSP (View and Manage POs)  
  Coupa Supplier Portal Training  
  Credit Card Readers for Small Businesses  
  Questions? Contact Customer Logistics at  
  CSP - Create Invoice From PO  
  CSP - Create Invoice From Contract  
  SAN - Create Invoice From Email  
  Resolve Disputed Invoices  
  Work With the CSP (View and Manage Invoices)  
  Invoice Template  
  Questions? Contact Customer Service at  
Want payment faster?
A note about invoices...
Select ACH (Direct Deposit) as your payment method (ACS preferred).

Direct Deposit is a prompt, effective, and reliable method for receiving payments. This process eliminates handling and mail delays and ensures the funds are deposited directly to your bank account.
Invoices must include the purchase order or ACS contract number, or at a minimum the ACS staff person's name, or your invoice will be rejected, and payment delayed.

If you create your invoice using either SAN or the CSP you can avoid those outcomes.