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Telling the ACS Story – in our email signature

New email signature highlights how we are attacking cancer from every angle

Every time we talk about the American Cancer Society – whether it's on, on social media (including our personal pages), with family and friends, or on email – we're telling the ACS story. The more consistently we tell the ACS story about how we're attacking cancer from every angle, the more relevant we become. 

That's why this month the American Cancer Society updated everyone's email signatures. We've applied our brand guidelines to create a new layout for staff names, titles, and contact information, and added a message about one of our angles of attack. 

This new unified email signature for ACS staff now features the story of Vanessa from our brand stories page on We'll update the angles of attack about every other month to develop awareness of our mission programs and services and build relevance. It is a small change that reflects the bigger effort underway across the American Cancer Society to tell our story in new ways.

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