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VOICES of Black Women

 IRB-Approved VOICES Of Black Women Recruitment Material Toolkit

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The links below include approved marketing materials that may be used for VOICES outreach. These materials have been approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and must not be edited. No additional materials may be created.

The resources in the VOICES Recruitment Material Toolkit have been designed with tailored messaging to reach different groups who may be interested in VOICES. The tailored messaging takes into account where materials might be used. To choose the materials that are best suited for your activities or partners, review the different categories below to understand the goal of the messaging and examples of the intended audience:

  • General: Create a widely applicable bank of materials that fit a variety of ACS/VOICES contexts and environments. Audiences include ACS, corporate partners, community leaders, ambassadors, sports partners, and ACS events.
  • Community Organizations: Encourage women to participate in VOICES as a civic responsibility to their sisters as part of continued fellowship and community compassion. Audiences include faith-based partners, divine nine organizations, HBCUs / minority serving institutions, and civic organizations.
  • Health Spaces: Fuel inspiration for survey participation based in helping change health outcomes for Black women and cancer outlooks. Audiences include health systems and public health events.
  • Supporters: Connect with a multi-generational emotional sphere, uniting groups in fostering a brighter future for younger and older generations alike. Audiences include cancer survivors, schools / students, men, and women under 25 or above 65.

General - IMPORTANT - These materials must not be edited.
Community Organizations - IMPORTANT - These materials must not be edited.
Health Spaces - IMPORTANT - These materials must not be edited.
Supporters - IMPORTANT - These materials must not be edited.

 VOICES Of Black Women Key Contacts

  • For more information about VOICES of Black Women recruitment, reach out to your American Cancer Society point of contact.
  • For media inquiries, please contact Darrya Lipscomb,
  • Cohort study participants can reach out via the following phone number or email address with any questions or requests:
    (800) 494-4113 /
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