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National Navigation Roundtable holds its second annual meeting

The National Navigation Roundtable, a nationwide coalition committed to advancing patient navigation, held its second annual meeting November 28 & 29 in Washington, D.C.

The National Navigation Roundtable is a collaboration of more than 50-member organizations, including ACS, representing such diverse sectors as academia, public health, advocacy and survivor groups, professional societies, industry, training, and state and federal agencies. Its mission is to achieve health equity and access to quality care across the cancer continuum through effective patient navigation.  

The first patient navigation program was introduced in the early 90’s by former ACS national president Harold Freeman, MD, as an intervention to address healthcare barriers.  

This year’s theme, “Moving the Dial in Patient Navigation,” showcased accomplishments of the Task Groups, a survivor testimonial, and engaging panel discussions addressing the landscape of patient navigation and payment models to support and sustain the funding of navigation programs.   

Adam Green, a patient from George Washington Cancer Institute, spoke to the core impact of patient navigators when he said, “They make the scariest aspects of cancer much easier to navigate."

ACS Chief Cancer Control Officer Rich Wender, MD, opened the meeting by setting the stage, stating, "It's remarkable that a single type of solution – navigation – has been suggested and proposed to solve such a diverse set of problems - from improving screening rates to completion of diagnostic evaluations to initiation and completion of treatment to improving the quality of end-of-life care.”

"For decades many have worked tirelessly to ensure patient navigation services are offered to our most vulnerable cancer patients across the country, yet many roadblocks remain before that is a reality,” said Tracy Battaglia, MD, chair of the National Navigation Roundtable. “By convening the most influential and experienced leaders from around the country, the NNRT has begun to catalyze the field of navigation to ensure its place in our emerging health care delivery systems. I am excited to share our progress and see what next steps will emerge at our second annual NNRT meeting," she added.

To learn more about the National Navigation Roundtable, visit or contact Monica Dean, director of the NNRT, or Katherine Sharpe, MTS, ACS senior vice president of patient & caregiver support.  

Pictured above, left to right, are: Monica Dean, director, National Navigation Roundtable; Andi Dwyer, vice chair, National Navigation Roundtable; Katherine Sharpe, MTS, ACS senior vice president,  Patient & Caregiver Support; and Tracy Battaglia, MD, MPH, chair of the National Navigation Roundtable.

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