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Pantene announces end of the Beautiful Lengths program

ACS will still offer wigs to patients in need

Since 2006, the American Cancer Society has been a proud partner with Pantene and the recipient of free, real-hair wigs through its Beautiful Lengths program. Over the last several years, synthetic-hair technology has improved, giving synthetic hair wigs more of a real-hair feel. They are lighter, more comfortable, and easier to style.

With these advancements, synthetic wigs are now the preferred wig choice for many people affected by cancer, resulting in a significant decrease in demand for the real-hair wigs provided by the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. 

Given this change in need, Pantene stopped accepting human hair donations on December 31, 2018. However, with its current stock of donated hair, Pantene has committed to continue to supply the American Cancer Society with wigs for the next four years. 

Pantene released a statement on its website thanking everyone who has supported this program by donating their hair over the years and encouraging them to contact the American Cancer Society to learn of other ways to support the fight against cancer.

While Pantene has made the decision to discontinue its Beautiful Lengths program, the American Cancer Society will continue to provide free wigs – both real and synthetic – where available, as well as provide community referrals. We also will refer people wishing to donate their hair to other organizations that collect human hair. For a list of those organizations in your area, please contact your Mission Delivery staff partner.

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