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#RelayFirstLap2019 provides a symbolic start to our new Relay season

‚ÄčOver the weekend, volunteers from around the world participated in #RelayFirstLap2019. By the latest count, 117 Relay For Life events in four countries -- U.S., United Kingdom, Ireland, and Belgium -- participated in this symbolic kick off to the 2019 Relay season.

As reported last week, this was the brainchild of Brooklyn, N.Y. Relay volunteer Joe Gillette -- father of the2019 Relay For Life "mermen" calendarWatch a video of Joe and Northeast EVP Kris Kim as they prepared to take their First Lap.

Volunteers were encouraged to take their First Lap of the year anywhere that was convenient for them - a track, park, or even their bedroom or living room - and posting photos or videos using the hashtag #RelayFirstLap2019. 

Throughout the weekend, hundreds of photos and videos flooded social media and the First Lap Facebook page of volunteers taking their own #RelayFirstLap2019. More photos can be found in the discussion section of this Facebook page.

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