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St. Baldrick’s Foundation and ACS announce a new partnership to conquer kids’ cancers

The groundbreaking partnership aims to raise $11 million to fund the most innovative and cutting-edge research

Today, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, the largest charitable funder of childhood cancer research grants, and the American Cancer Society announce a new partnership to raise $11 million to fund the most innovative biological and clinical laboratory studies that have the greatest potential to quickly deliver new and improved treatments for kids with cancer.

St. Baldrick’s and the ACS both recognize that while science has made tremendous strides in cancer research and treatments, there is still more to be done, particularly in the fight against childhood cancers. Childhood cancer remains the second leading cause of death in children, and the leading disease-related cause of death for children ages 1 - 19.

Through this joint initiative, ACS and St. Baldrick’s, an organization that has been a part of nearly every childhood cancer research breakthrough made in the last 20 years, will support research that will expand testing within clinical trials, maximize the access to information, and help identify novel approaches to treatment.

More than half of childhood cancer patients in the U.S. are treated on a clinical trial – and even those who are not, benefit from past clinical trials. Each of these trials is created to learn the answers to specific questions, with the goal of improving outcomes for kids with cancer and decreasing late effects. Very rarely is there enough funding to do anything outside of the trial’s primary purpose, even though additional information gathered could help deliver new treatments for kids with cancer and impact future generations.

“Together, St. Baldrick’s and ACS will be able to fund these other correlative studies, arming researchers with more information to save more lives,” said Kathleen Ruddy, chief executive officer, St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

“The Cancer Moonshot emphasized collaboration is the key to accelerating cancer progress and making more therapies available to more patients,” said Sharon Byers, our chief development, marketing, and communications officer.

To learn more about this collaboration and how to get involved, please visit or

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