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Nationwide Relay Leadership Team welcomes new members

We are excited to welcome our newest members of the Nationwide Relay Leadership Team (NRLT) for the 2019/2020 Relay season! These individuals bring a wealth of experience and passion to help us lead the fight for a world without cancer. 

We saw renewed energy in Relay over the last year, in part due to the leadership of this team. The Relay For Life program finished ahead of goal for the first time in nearly 10 years. We know that the NRLT this year will build off this momentum and continue to shape our nationwide Relay For Life strategy and impact. 

Below is the full NRLT roster and new members are listed in bold.   

NRLT Co-Leads
NRLT Co-LeadSteve Bell (West)
NRLT Co-LeadKelly Fryer (South)
Strategy Leads
Communications & Online LeadLaurie Curtis (Southeast)
Fundraising LeadCynthia Dickson (South)
Leadership Development LeadEmily Tier (Northeast)
Mission LeadBecca Lazinsk (Northeast)
Recognition LeadKaitlyn Valeri (South)
Survivor & Caregiver LeadSaralyn Lash (North Central)
Top Performers LeadShelley Sprouffske (West)
Voices of Hope LeadAshley MacAuley (South)
Region Leads
North Region Co-LeadSid Groutage
North Region Co-LeadNacole Light
North Central Region Co-LeadKimber Griffiths
North Central Region Co-LeadJillene McMichael
Northeast Region Co-LeadZach Dane
Northeast Region Co-LeadEmily McCloud
South Region Co-LeadBryan Sherwood
South Region Co-LeadPending replacement
Southeast Region Co-LeadNan Jenkins
Southeast Region Co-LeadPending replacement
West Co-LeadJolene Wegsteen
West Co-LeadPending replacement

We also want to take a moment to thank the incredible volunteers who are transitioning from their 2018/2019 roll on the NRLT. We appreciate their passion, commitment to our mission, and giving of their time to this leadership team. We could not have achieved the success we did in 2018/2019 without these amazing individuals:

  • Melissa Park (NRLT Co-Lead)
  • Kristina Baumler (Communications & Online Strategy Lead)
  • Kelly Fryer (Mission Strategy Lead)
  • Shelley Sprouffske (Recognition Strategy Lead)
  • Nancy Early (North Region Co-Lead)
  • Carole Weimer (North Central Region Co-Lead)
  • Becca Lazinski (Northeast Region Co-Lead)
  • Ann Archer (South Region Co-Lead)
  • Maureen Wickert (Southeast Region Co-Lead)
  • Stacy Strickland (West Region Co-Lead)

If you have any questions, please contact Tiffany Jones, director, constituent engagement.

TOP PHOTO: Pictured above is the 2017-18 NRLT with honorees Joe Gillette and Donielle Deitz, long-time Relay leadership volunteers.
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