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New Relay Rewards incentive program launches

We are excited to introduce a new incentive program for Relay For Life participants called Relay Rewards. Relay participants will be able to earn branded merchandise that recognizes their hard work and commitment by awarding them points for fundraising and for taking specific actions. The goal is to encourage more fundraising and engagement with the Society.

Each Region will be brought into the new system one-by-one, with all Regions expected to be on board by this weekend.  

The new points system will have many benefits to the organization and Relay For Life volunteers, including:

  • Relay Rewards will build affinity and loyalty to our organization and Relay For Life.
  • Relay Rewards will motivate volunteers to raise more funds by not only incentivizing them to reach the next level of the program, but also to reach goals within each level of the program.
  • Volunteers will be rewarded for their fundraising success as well as additional actions that help to increase fundraising. 
  • Volunteers will have the flexibility to spend their points however they wish  
  • Volunteers can rollover any leftover points by registering for the next year's event by the end of the calendar year (Jan -Aug events). Fall event participants (Sept. – Dec.) will have until April 1 to register for the next year's event.

How does the new point system work?

The new point system is like the previous incentive program in that the program is mostly driven by individual fundraising. Volunteers earn one point for every dollar raised that is credited to their personal fundraising page on the event website. Volunteers can also earn up to 50 additional points by taking specific actions that have been determined will lead to more fundraising and engagement with the Society.

Once a volunteer has reached 250 points, the lowest point total needed to redeem for Relay Rewards, an email will be sent to the volunteer letting them know of their achievement, how to log on, check their point balance, browse, redeem or earn more points in the Relay Rewards system. It's that simple!

Relay Rewards Points System and Levels

Bronze250 – 499
Silver500 – 999
Grand Club1,000 – 1,499
Gold1,500 – 2,499
All-Star2,500 – 4,999
Platinum5,000 – 7,499
Diamond7,500 – 9,999

Earning Points

Volunteers can earn points through fundraising and taking specific actions that strengthen their engagement with the Society and can lead to additional fundraising.  

ActionPoints Earned


*must raise at least $20 to be awarded points

$1 = 1 point
Making a Self-Donation10 Points
Accept Donation via ACS Fundraising App15 Points
Personalize your fundraising page10 Points

Send emails through the website dashboard

*please note this does not apply to emails sent through personal email on ACS Fundraising App

15 points

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