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National Campus Leadership Team welcomes new members

While meeting in Kansas City, they delivered lots of supplies to our Hope Lodge

The National Campus Leadership Team (NCLT) is made up of nine student volunteers and a national Relay For Life staff partner who work to provide nationwide strategy and direction to the collegiate and high school fundraising programs, primarily through Relay For Life. The team provides support, develops resources for students and staff, and facilitates the creation of a national network of students, faculty, and staff who are committed to our mission.

The NCLT recently held their transition meeting in Kansas City and welcomed a new team of cancer-fighters, each excited to work with campus Relayers around the country. While there, they toured our Hope Lodge and donated supplies. 

This year’s team has big plans to support campus Relay in new ways. To follow their progress, find them on all social media channels by searching the hashtag @campusrelay. 

The team members are: MP McLaurin, co-chair, University of South Carolina; Matthew Burgess, co-chair, University of Michigan; Clare Price, volunteer support and development, University of British Columbia; Nathan Farnor, advocacy, East Tennessee State University; Maggie Buswick, youth, UMass Amherst; Jenna Capuzzo, fundraising/innovation, Northeastern University; Isabel Bayer, RFL development, The Ohio State University; KC Ward, mission integration, University of South Carolina; and Cameron Graber, website, University of Iowa.  The staff partner is Mel Rogers.

Specials thanks to Eva Rodriquez, Tristen Caudle, Megha Mathur, Caroline Biondo, and Derek McCurdy (all of whom are pictured, as well) who served two years on the team. Their leadership was instrumental in campus Relay For Life helping us make our 2018 goal. 

Learn more about the 2019-20 NCLT at and @CampusRelay.

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