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Nominate an outstanding volunteer for the Margot S. Freudenberg National Volunteer Award

‚ÄčNominations are now being accepted for the Margot S. Freudenberg National Volunteer Award. This award is named in memory of Margot S. Freudenberg, pictured here, who founded the first Hope Lodge facility in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1970 after her own family was touched by cancer.

All nominations are due by Friday, June 21, but Hope Lodge directors and regional directors will need time to review all submissions before sharing with the Task Force.

The Margot S. Freudenberg National Volunteer Award is presented annually to an outstanding individual volunteer and an exceptional volunteer group in recognition of their contributions to the Hope Lodge program. An appointed Task Force comprised by volunteers and staff from all Regions, winners from last year, as well as a member of the Freudenberg family will select the award winner based on the defined award criteria.  

The following award criteria ensure the nominee has shown remarkable achievement, performance, and dedication to the Hope Lodge program:

  • Adheres to the Hope Lodge program's mission and values, particularly dedicated to elevating the patient experience and Hope Lodge environment.
  • Demonstrates dedication to the Hope Lodge served, such as number of hours invested, days volunteered, and increased number of patients and caregivers served by program.
  • Contributes to the growth of the American Cancer Society and the Hope Lodge program. This includes the implementation of a program, recruitment of other volunteers, and/or outreach to reach diverse and underserved populations.
  • Performance above and beyond being a Hope Lodge volunteer and contribution to the mission goals such as involvement in other American Cancer Society programs, volunteer work outside of the Society, and participation in other events (Relay For Life, Legislative Advocacy, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, Discovery Shops, etc.).
  • Minimum two years of active volunteer service or 200 volunteer hours with the American Cancer Society.

How do you nominate a volunteer?

If you know an outstanding volunteer, you are encouraged to nominate a volunteer and/or volunteer group for this award by completing a nomination form. Once completed, Hope Lodge Directors will be collecting all nomination forms by Friday, June 14. Previous nominees who were not selected may be resubmitted, with additional hours added. Also, pictures of volunteers "caught in the act" of volunteering are highly encouraged.

After collecting all nomination forms, Hope Lodge Directors will submit a maximum of two nominations (one for individual volunteer and one for volunteer group) per Hope Lodge facility for consideration. Hope Lodge Regional Directors will ensure up to four nominations (up to two individual volunteers and two volunteer groups), per region are submitted. The finalists for each Region must be sent to Lora Strauss, regional director, Hope Lodge Operations by Friday, June 21.

For more information about the Margot S. Freudenberg National Volunteer Award, nomination process, or nomination form, please contact Lora Strauss, regional director, Hope Lodge Operations. 

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