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ACS and St. Baldrick's launch "Cancer Doesn't Care"

The goal is to raise $4.4 million by this fall

The American Cancer Society and the St. Baldrick's Foundation are proud to announce, "Cancer Doesn't Care," the next phase of our joint campaign to raise funds to fight childhood cancers. This major fundraising initiative – which runs through August and September – will utilize an email campaign, social, and other marketing to help us get the word out about this crucial partnership. 

ACS and St. Baldrick's have committed to working together to raise a total of $11 million dollars to fund the most innovative biological and clinical laboratory studies related to childhood cancer, with $4.4 million being raised by this fall. 

The objective of the Cancer Doesn't Care campaign is to reach our first fundraising goal of $4.4 million so that we can begin offering new research grants related to childhood cancer as part of our partnership with St. Baldrick's. 

About the Cancer Doesn't Care Campaign

The Cancer Doesn't Care campaign captures the idea that cancer can change a family's life in a flash without warning. To do that, we show a scene that everyone can relate to, but this scene – once filled with giggles and naps and fun – now sits in waiting for that child to return. This campaign is raw, honest and was developed with the support of real families who have lived with this reality every day. 

Beginning in early August, you will see the Cancer Doesn't Care campaign featured on ACS and St. Baldrick's master brand social media sites,, and You can help by sharing posts out to your own personal social network and encouraging friends and family to donate to help conquer kids' cancers.

For additional information on this partnership, please refer to the February news article announcing our partnership with St. Baldrick's. If you have questions, please contact Melissa Northrop, senior director, Principal Partnerships, or TJ Koerner, senior scientific director, Extramural Research.  

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