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Unleash your inner activist . . .

And save more lives!

There’s so much to fighting cancer. It’s why we have “Attacking from every angle” as our tagline. We fight through events, in courtrooms, in hospitals, in communities, in labs, in corporate offices, and we fight cancer in the homes and hearts of those we help. Where has all this fighting gotten us? Further. 

Together, we’ve saved millions of lives. Prevented multitudes of cancers. Passed laws, crossed boundaries, gotten patients to treatment, given them a place to stay, provided access to care where there was none. And brought hope.

Cancer is a formidable opponent and there is still so much to do. We need help every year, every month, and every day. The best way to garner support for our cause is to ask for it. The more people know about what we do, the more they will want to support us, through volunteering and donating. 

Here’s where you come in:

We have about 1.5 million volunteers and more than 4,000 employees. And you’re one of them. If each of us told 5 friends about the work ACS does, it would create significant impact. If we use our social channels, the multiplier is staggering. 

It might not seem appropriate to launch into a conversation about your work and the importance of fighting cancer when you’re hanging with friends, with other parents at school or at gatherings. But remember this, 1 in 3 of them will be affected by cancer, so what you have to say will be relevant. 

When you find the right time to tell the ACS story, know that you’re a credible storyteller because you live it. Visit The ACS Story page on My Society Source and the library of ways to help you tell your story, including social posts, conversation guides, and information about our angles of attack on various cancers and patient services. 

It couldn’t be easier! Grab one of the pre-made social posts and share it using the #AttackingCancer and #ACSemployee hashtags on your personal social media pages. ACS2Go, our employee app, also makes sharing posts easy. If you see a social media post on the app you like, share it with one click. 

The next time someone asks you what you do for a living, tell them how you’re helping lead the fight for a world without cancer. It matters. Every time we tell our story, we’re attacking cancer. Speak up. Save lives. 

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