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ACS launches new social chatbot

Designed to maximize customer self-service plus drive awareness of NCIC and ACS services

ACS has launched a new chatbot within the Facebook Messenger platform. Using learnings from last year’s HPV chatbot, this version has a new focus on helping consumers quickly find answers to commonly asked questions while also providing information on ACS services which are often overlooked.

The Digital Product and Social team worked closely with NCIC and Cancer Control to analyze and identify why consumers click the 'Send Message' link on our Facebook page in the first place. These common themes emerged:

  • Questions about cancer(s)
  • ACS programs and services
  • Partnering with ACS
  • ACS events
  • Donations
  • Financial help

The goal of the chatbot is to help customers find answers to their questions as quickly as possible by providing information, videos, or links where applicable. When a more complex answer is required, such as a specific cancer-related question, the bot will guide them to call NCIC or use the live web chat on  

The chatbot is available on the our national Facebook page. Users can access the bot on their computer or mobile device by visiting the American Cancer Society Facebook page and clickin on “Send Message.”  

Above are two screen shots of the chatbot in action.  

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