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ACS creates Center for Cancer Screening

One goal is to attract funding for research and development focused on cancer screening

We are proud to announce the establishment of the American Cancer Society Center for Cancer Screening. This new Center (not a physical structure) will build on the organization’s long history of advancing the importance of evidence-based early cancer detection and advocating for high-quality cancer screening. 

The Center also will enhance collaboration within the organization and with outside experts and organizations engaged in research, practice, and policy related to cancer screening. Although no new staff hiring is planned at this time, the Center will invite some internal staff and external experts who have an interest in cancer screening research, practice, and policy to be affiliated with it.

Since 1980, ACS has regularly published evidence-based cancer screening guidelines, educated health professionals and the public about the importance of regular cancer screening, influenced health insurance coverage, and supported efforts to improve the quality of cancer screening. ACS has also conducted important research on cancer screening. 

Now, the ACS Center for Cancer Screening will increase our reach and impact. The Center will be directed by Robert Smith, PhD, senior vice president of cancer screening (pictured here). Bob is a longtime ACS leader with more than 30 years of experience in cancer screening.

“We believe the Center will strengthen the development and promotion of ACS screening guidelines by fostering more timely updates of established screening recommendations, as well as staying on top of emerging evidence that may lead to new screening recommendations. One of the principal goals of the Center is to strengthen internal and external collaborations on screening research and policy,” said Bob. “The Center will also increase our long-standing emphasis on the quality of cancer screening tests and follow-up, attract funding for research and development focused on cancer screening, and be the home of the National Lung Cancer Roundtable, which was established in 2017 to make an impact on death from lung cancer,” he said.

Rich Wender, MD, chief cancer control officer added: “The creation of the Center will increase our visibility and allow us to foster relationships with other guideline development organizations and screening experts.”

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