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Check out a radio-a-thon benefiting ACS

​ACS was the beneficiary of the 7th Annual We Can Survive concert held Oct. 19 at the Hollywood Bowl.

The concert featured performances by Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Camila Cabello, Jonas Brothers, Lizzo, Marshmello, and Becky G, with a percentage of the ticket sales supporting our breast cancer work.

DJ, record producer, and internet personality Marshmello, sold exclusive merchandise at the concert and onlin, with a percentage of the proceeds going to ACS. You can buy yours here starting October 17.

In addition, ACS will be the beneficiary of a national radio-a-thon in more than 20 markets on October 23 (see list below). The concert and surrounding opportunities will extend the reach of our brand and build relevance with a new demographic. 

Radio-A-Thon Stations*

  • Atlanta STAR 94.1 WSTR-FM 
  • Austin MIX 94.7 KAMX-FM
  • Baltimore MIX 106.5 WWMX-FM 
  • Boston MIX 104.1 WWBX-FM
  • Buffalo STAR 102.5 WTSS-FM
  • Charlotte 107.9 THE LINK WLNK-FM
  • Cleveland Q104 WQAL-FM
  • Denver ALICE 105.9 KALC-FM
  • Hartford 96.5 TIC FM WTIC-FM 
  • Houston MIX 96.5 KHMX-FM
  • Kansas City 99.7 THE POINT KZPT-FM
  • Los Angeles 97.1 AMP RADIO KAMP-FM
  • Las Vegas MIX 94.1 KMXB-FM
  • Madison MIX 105.1 WMHX-FM
  • Memphis FM 100 WMC-FM
  • Milwaukee 99.1 THE MIX WMYX-FM
  • New York NEW 102.7 FM WNEW-FM
  • Norfolk 94.9 THE POINT WPTE-FM 94.9
  • Orlando MIX 105.1 WOMX-FM 
  • Pittsburgh 100.7 STAR WBZZ-FM 
  • Portland 105.1 THE BUZZ  KRSK-FM
  • San Francisco ALICE @ 97.3 KLLC-FM
  • St. Louis Y98 KYKY-FM
  • Wichita 105.3 THE BUZZ KFBZ-FM       
* Stations may be subject to change

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