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ACS publishes new Quick & Healthy cookbook - just in time for the holidays!

50 easy-to-prepare recipes for healthy living

Quick & Healthy: 50 Simple, Delicious Recipes for Every Day is the newest cookbook from ACS. It offers 50 simple, easy-to-prepare recipes that make it easy to cook a variety of healthy dishes for everyone to enjoy at home.  

"There is no question, what we eat has a tremendous impact on our health, including reducing the risk of many different types of cancer," said Colleen Doyle, MS, RD, our managing director of nutrition and physical activity. "Eating well is a key component of living an overall healthy lifestyle, and there are simple steps we can take each and every day to eat well and improve our health."

Studies have shown that meals cooked at home tend to be healthier than those eaten out. Quick & Healthy is designed to help support people in their quest to eat well and improve their health by making more home-cooked meals. 

"These recipes taste great, can be pulled together relatively quickly, and can make it easier to get a healthy meal on the table as we juggle all of our daily priorities," Colleen said. 

The recipes fall into 3 categories: poultry, seafood, and vegetarian – each illustrated by a full-color photo. For example, vegetarian entree Spinach-Ricotta Stuffed Portobello Caps uses 7 ingredients, minimal preparation, and has just 190 calories per serving.

The recipes in this new cookbook are consistent with our nutrition guidelines, which recommend eating more vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and limit red and processed meats. The book is priced at $16.95 and is available in print and eBook formats through the American Cancer Society bookstore, as well as on Amazon.

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