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It's Cancer Screen Week

​Are you up to date on your screenings?

Dec. 2 marks the start of Cancer Screen Week, an important public health initiative to increase awareness of the lifesaving benefits of early cancer detection through recommended screenings.  

The burden of cancer can affect each person differently based on many factors, including where someone lives, their race, ethnicity, and genetic ancestry. This disproportionate burden is partially due to poverty and lack of access to prevention and early detection services, such as cancer screenings.  

In recent years, some cancer screening rates in certain populations have either become stagnant or declined. 

Cancer Screen Week is a collective effort by ACS, Stand Up To Cancer, Rally Health, and Genentech. The core partners will provide social media amplification and earned media outreach to support the campaign. This year there will be a greater emphasis on reaching diverse communities, with materials and media interviews being conducted in Spanish and English.  

With promotional support from actress and breast cancer survivor Shannen Doherty, local efforts are underway in the Los Angeles, CA market to drive awareness of mobile breast screening through an event at a local Federally Qualified Health Center in Glendale, CA. New to Cancer Screen Week this year, this event hopes to encourage screenings for breast cancer and for individuals to find out more about their personal cancer screening options and the risks and benefits of the test. 

Cancer Screen Week is an ideal opportunity for everyone to think about their personal risks and to talk with their doctors about screening options. All of us should be familiar with ACS cancer screening guidelines

As part of our Society-sponsored health plans and in compliance with our organization’s cancer screening guidelines, ACS provides coverage for cancer screening benefits, including mammograms and colonoscopies. It's important for staff to know and understand how these cancer screenings are covered through our health plans, including whether your screening is preventive or diagnostic (non-preventive).

Please share the news about Cancer Screen Week on your social channels using #CancerScreenWeek. The url to share is

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