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“Alexa, open American Cancer Society!”

Thanks to an app on Alexa, users can learn about five types of cancer

Now customers of the popular smart speaker, Amazon Echo (aka Alexa), can bring ACS content and services to life by enabling the American Cancer Society Alexa Skill, a voice-driven capability that provides a more personal experience with the device. Specifically, the American Cancer Society Alexa Skill provides Alexa customers the opportunity to ask questions and learn about cancer types, symptoms, and treatment, in addition to learning about the services ACS provides like Hope Lodge, Road To Recovery, Reach To Recovery,, and our 24/7 cancer information line. 

The American Cancer Society Alexa Skill, essentially an app on the Alexa platform, allows consumers to ask common questions about five cancer types - breast, prostate, colorectal, lung, and skin - and understand the basics of treatment options.   

Information on each cancer topic area begins when Alexa is engaged by stating “Alexa, open American Cancer Society.” Each cancer topic sets users on a path to learn more information on that particular topic and allows customers to ask questions such as:

  • “What is cancer?”
  • “Is cancer contagious?”
  • “Tell me about cancer surgery.”
  • “What are the signs and symptoms of lung cancer?”

ACS is working continuously to add additional cancer content to increase the depth and breadth of ACS information available to consumers.

Learn more by visiting this dedicated page on Amazon, or by simply saying, “Alexa, open American Cancer Society.”

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