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To protect our patients, we are suspending our transportation programs effective March 25

​The American Cancer Society is taking the coronavirus very seriously. We have been asking patients if they have the symptoms of the coronavirus or if they have had contact with someone who is symptomatic. If so, we have not allowed them to be transported by our volunteers or use paid transportation. The CDC says those who have the virus or believe they have the virus should avoid ride-share, taxis, and public transportation. 

As the virus continues to spread, the safety and health of our patients remains paramount. This concern has led us to suspend all transportation (volunteer and paid) effective 03/25/20 until further notice. We will continue to evaluate and monitor COVID-19, and once the threat has subsided, we will redeploy our transportation programs. 

On March 19, we posted a message about suspension of transportation services in Service Match – a system all drivers use to schedule ride requests. A message was emailed from ACS to all volunteer drivers, and regional staff are reaching out to hospital systems and other stakeholders with whom we work to apprise them of the suspension.

Starting March 19, we are using paid transportation for new requests when possible. Our last rides will be delivered March 24. This includes arranging for public transportation.  

We have already suspended our program in the California counties that are under the “shelter in place” provision. Should other areas be similarly restricted before March 25, we’ll also suspend programs in those regions. 

During these trying times, and always, the American Cancer Society remains committed to the safety and health of our patients.

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