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GrowNation will be held twice this year

April - June and November

With barber shops and hair salons in most states closed because of COVID-19, men are shaving a little less and women aren’t getting their hair cut or colored. Just like our hair, cancer hasn’t stopped. So, we are asking people to embrace their hair – no matter how long or grey it is – and become part of the American Cancer Society GrowNation initiative

From April through June, individuals, on their own or on teams representing businesses or organizations, can support our Cancer Hasn’t Stopped campaign by growing out their hair, beard, or mustache. 

They can raise funds by starting or joining a team, then collecting donations for growing bigger beards, manlier mustaches, showing their roots, or even letting a little leg hair grow. There are just these three simple rules: Grow out your hair, have fun with your fur, and add filter to your Instagram or Snapchat post.

How to help

Let your hair grow for good. Embrace your hair, become part of our GrowNation, and support the American Cancer Society! Here’s how: 

  • Be a team captain for a group of friends, family members, or coworkers.
  • Become a one-man or one-woman team and set up a solo fundraiser.
  • Support the people getting hairier for GrowNation.
  • Interested individuals can set up their fundraiser online.

A sell sheet and presentation template are available on the Brand Toolkit. Participants will be able to set up their own fundraising page at GoFundMe Charity to start collecting donations. 

The event also will be held during the traditional time, in November.

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