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ACS is now on TikTok and we're seeking content creators

Submit your TikTok fundraising ideas

We're excited to share that ACS is now on TikTok. In addition to fun content that seeks to entertain and educate, we're asking you to use your TikTok for good.

Starting the week of July 20, a TikTok donation sticker for ACS will be available and 100 percent of donations received on the platform will go to ACS so we can continue attacking cancer from every angle. 

Anyone can use the donate sticker! After creating a TikTok, head to stickers > support nonprofit and select American Cancer Society. And don't forget to follow @AmericanCancerSociety

We're looking for ACS content creators, both volunteers and staff, for TikTok. Got the moves or big ideas? Send an email to to discuss being featured on the channel.

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