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#EastCoastRelay2020 expects to raise $500,000

‚ÄčNortheast and Southeast Regions collaborate on virtual event

Relayers in 18 states and the District of Columbia came together last Friday night, June 26, for a virtual Relay For Life.

You can watch the replay here. As of Monday morning, more than 8,000 viewers either tuned in to the live event or watched the replay.

The Push our Progress fundraising challenge leading into the broadcast raised more than $479,000 and, with dollars still coming in, the team anticipates hitting $500,000! 

The lineup of guests included:

  • Volunteers: Donielle Deitz, Nan Jenkins, Joe Gillette, Yamile Rivera, and Jeff Ross
  • Alpa Patel, PhD, senior vice president, Population Science
  • Saul Gonzalez, Cancer Information Specialist at our Natoinal Cancer Information Center (NCIC)

Saul, a 21-year cancer information specialist at NCIC, shared just how important our 1.800.227.2345 number is, especially now. "During this pandemic, patients are feeling alone, often isolating at home, and frustrated because they can't bring anyone with them to their cancer-related medical appointments," he said. "More than one cancer patient has told me that we're one of the the first people who actually listened to them, that we didn't rush them off the phone. As an over-nighter, I can tell you that this pandemic has affirmed how vital we are." 

Alpa told viewers that "we are really in a crisis situation right now," and "at the point where we are running the risk of losing potentially a generation of discoveries." Labs had to be shut down because of the pandemic, and there is an unexpected cost to restarting research. 

Congratulations to the whole East Coast Relay For Life team of staff and volunteers from the Northeast and Southeast Regions on a tremendous event!

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