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Learn about our $100 million Cancer Research Funding Campaign

One of our most ambitious undertakings this year is to raise $100 million to invest in our research program. This restricted giving campaign is part of our $512 million goal. A campaign landing page on will launch in late August.

Each year, we invest $100 million in new research. But, because of the budget shortfall due to COVID-19, we are at risk of cutting cancer research funding by 50 percent this year. This would represent our lowest investment in this century.

We can’t let that happen. As the largest non-governmental funder of cancer research in the U.S., institutions and young investigators all over the country are counting on us. Patients, too.

Failing to invest in research now means that we will have fewer preventative tools, fewer treatment options, lost progress towards a cure, and ultimately, more deaths from cancer in the future.

Our outstanding track record is well known: 49 of the researchers we have funded, many early in their careers, have gone on to win the Nobel Prize. So, be proud when you talk to people about our research program. Let them know that cancer breakthrough begins perhaps 10-20 years earlier. If research is disrupted today, it means lives lost tomorrow.

Each of us can support this campaign. We urge all volunteers and staff to engage their personal networks in this campaign to help keep a generation of research alive.

Helping us will be our national and area board members, who have been challenged to raise $1 million with the help of volunteer leaders across the enterprise. Additional details on the board challenge will be shared with board members in early August. 

Resources and reminders: 

The American Cancer Society has been in this fight for more than 100 years. We’ve played a role in almost every major cancer research breakthrough in the last century. But now our research program is in jeopardy. Won’t you join the campaign to help save it?

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