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2019 Annual Report available electronically

The American Cancer Society‚Äôs 2019 Annual Report is available electronically on This redesigned, simplified version was created based on feedback from users throughout the organization.

The American Cancer Society 2019 Annual Report outlines our path forward as we work to eliminate cancer as a major health problem. In the report, we showcase our accomplishments, and we detail revenue and spending for the calendar year 2019. The full 2019 Financial Statements are also available on 

Through this report, the American Cancer Society recognizes the countless contributions of communities, our volunteers, and partners who help us lead the fight against cancer. As a reminder, this is only a snapshot of all the amazing work that our volunteers and staff are accomplishing throughout the organization. 

Please note all data in this report is from prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the latest data available, please review the American Cancer Society Vital Statistics resource. 

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