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TheoryLab celebrates its 100th episode - listen!

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Our TheoryLab podcast – a weekly show in which ACS staff scientists and grantees chat about the most critical questions in cancer research in a way that’s easy to understand – is celebrating its 100th episode on Jan. 29. Listen here.

The episode features ACS staff scientist Lynne Elmore, PhD, senior scientific director, Translational Cancer. She describes takeaways from the new publication, Blueprint for Cancer Research: Critical Gaps and Opportunities, which integrates conversations with more than 90 leading cancer experts.

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Launched in 2019. Susanna Greer, PhD, senior scientific director, Biochemistry and Immunology of Cancer, hosts the show, and it is produced by Joe Cotter, research constituent engagement manager. 

Upcoming episodes will focus on HPV vaccination, colorectal cancer screening strategies in rural communities, and a new therapeutic approach for triple-negative breast cancer. 

Congratulations to the Extramural Discovery Science and Research Integration teams within the Office of Cancer Research and Implementation (OCRI, formerly known as the Office of the Chief Medical and Scientific Officer) for achieving this milestone! 

The podcasts are a terrific source of information, especially our volunteers who might not have a background in science but are interested in learning more about our cancer research program, the impact of ACS funding on cancer researchers, and the latest trends in cancer science. 

Each episode runs about 20-30 minutes. You can also get them by following @ACS_Research on Twitter for a preview of each new episode. 

Catch up on the TheoryLab podcast by checking out these highlights: 

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For questions about the TheoryLab Podcast, contact Joe Cotter, research constituent engagement manager.   

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