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Raise funds, earn points, and choose your Relay Reward!

Again this year, Relayers will have the opportunity to participate in our incentive program – Relay Rewards. Relay Rewards is a way of thanking our Relay For Life participants for their creativity and passion to raise critical funds for our mission. 

Relayers can earn branded merchandise that recognizes their hard work and commitment to the Relay For Life movement by awarding points for fundraising and for taking specific actions that lead to more fundraising and engagement with the American Cancer Society. Woohoo! 

Sign up for your local Relay and check out for great ideas to successfully fundraise.

How Relay Rewards work

The point system is driven mostly by individual fundraising. Here’s how to earn Relay Rewards:

  • Raise Funds: $1 = 1 point
  • Fundraising best practices – earn up to 50 bonus points by taking the following actions:
    • Making a personal donation to your page = 10 points
    • Sending an email(s) through your dashboard = 15 points
    • Downloading and accepting a donation through the ACS Fundraising App = 25 points

Once a participant earns 100 points, the lowest point total needed to redeem for Relay Rewards, they can log on to, check their point balance, browse, or redeem points in the Relay Rewards system. 

This Relay Rewards program has many benefits. It:  

  • Builds affinity and loyalty to our organization and Relay For Life.
  • Motivates participants to raise more funds by not only incentivizing them to reach the next level of the program, but also to reach goals within each level of the program.
  • Rewards participants for their fundraising success, as well as additional actions that help to increase fundraising.  
  • Offers fundraisers flexibility to spend their points however they wish
  • Allows participants to rollover any leftover points if they register for the next year’s event by the end of the calendar year (Jan. – Aug. events). Fall event participants (Sept. – Dec.) will have until April 1 to register for the next year’s event.   

For more information, please reference the Relay Rewards promotional flyer on Brand Toolkit or visit

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