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Medicaid Covers US short film earns 8th award

A short film produced in part by ACS and ACS CAN won the SOFIE Award (also known as the Short Film Award) for Best Directing of a Short Film.

On the Edge: Health Care in Alabama features community members and health professionals from across Alabama sharing their challenges and triumphs as they strive to take care of themselves, their families, and their communities. The SOFIE is the 8th award that the short film has received.

On the Edge: Health Care in Alabama, which premiered in November 2019, goes into several rural areas and looks at the role Medicaid plays in local economies and hospitals. The short film underscores the critical need for Medicaid coverage for millions that need health insurance.

This is the second short film in a documentary series about the importance of Medicaid. The series can be viewed at

ACS and ACS CAN partnered with filmmaker Ky Dickens to produce the series, which is part of the Medicaid Covers US project, which aims to create an open dialogue about the critical role Medicaid plays in helping Americans stay healthy, go to work and care for their families. 

Visit ACS CAN’s Increased Access to Medicaid campaign page and Medicaid Covers US page to learn more. Also visit to learn more about the SOFIE awards.

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