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Five new ECHO series launching in Q2

The first one, beginning April 27, focuses on racial disparities.

The American Cancer Society is excited to announce the launch of the Disparities Reducing ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes), which will bring recipients of three ACS and Pfizer-funded grant opportunities on Breast Health Equity, Addressing Racial Disparities in Cancer Care, and Prostate Cancer Disparities together to discuss relevant disparities-reducing topics and provide an opportunity for learning and networking.  

The series launched on Tuesday, April 27. 

This is first of five ECHO series to launch through June 2021Additional series are focused on increasing HPV vaccination in UtahWyoming, and northern Texas, and increasing lung cancer biomarker testing in Georgia, Kentucky, and Mississippi.  

For more information about these ECHO series, please contact the leads listed below: 

  • Back to School HPV ECHO – Hannah Nein, senior program manager, Rocky Mountain Area HPV 
  • Disparities Reducing ECHO – Karla Wysockisenior director, Clinical Interventions 
  • Lung Cancer Biomarker Testing ECHO – Kelly Durdendirector, Clinical Trials Roundtable 
  • Mission: HPV Cancer Free Texas Vaccination ECHO – Community Health Worker Clinic (including one English-language and one Spanish-language series) – Tralisa Hallprogram manager, HPV Cancer Free Texas 
  • Mission: HPV Cancer Free Texas Vaccination ECHO – Medical Clinic – Tralisa Hallprogram manager, HPV Cancer Free Texas 

You can find more information about how ACS is using the ECHO model to fight cancer by visiting There you will find information about past and ongoing ECHO series, including recordings, resources, and more! 

What is Project ECHO? 

Project ECHO is a virtual hub-and-spoke telementoring environment founded by Dr. Sanjeev Arora at the University of New Mexico. Hubs include a facilitator and expert faculty who share best practices and contribute to learning through case-based and didactic learning. Spokes learn from each other and experts from across the United States. 

ACS launched its first ECHO in 2018 related to lung cancer patient support. Since then, 17 ACS-led ECHOs have focused on colorectal cancer treatment, increasing HPV vaccination and lung cancer screening rates, increasing access to smoking cessation resources, the impact of COVID-19 on cancer care teams and caregivers, and increasing organizational capacity in cancer-fighting organizations in Kenya and Uganda. 

For more information about ECHO, please contact Richard Killewald, director, Cancer Control Interventions, Kristen Wehling, director, Interventions & Special Projects, or visit the Project ECHO Society Source page.

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