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Where in the ACS world is Dr. Knudsen?

Dr. Knudsen's first official day as CEO began at 7:30 this morning with a meeting with IT at our Hope Lodge in Atlanta. After that, in a deliberate attempt to focus on mission first, she was scheduled to meet with Chief Medical and Scientific Officer Bill Cance, MD, and his direct reports. The four-hour meeting, with a working lunch built in, was to be followed by a virtual call with the Governance Committee of the ACS Board of Directors. In between all that, she was expected to make her first call to an external partner: Ned Sharpless, MD, director of the National Cancer Institute. 

Her fast-paced fact finding mission continues on Wednesday, when she meets with Southeast Region EVP Brant Woodward for a tour of our Hope Lodge in Atlanta, followed by a call with Board Chair John Alfonso, and then her first meeting with her newly expanded executive team: COO Kris Kim, CFO Kael ReicinMike Neal, senior EVP, Field Operations; Tim Phillips, chief legal and risk officer; Bill CanceMichael Reich, senior VP, Communications & Marketing; and Lisa Lacasse, president of ACS CAN. The day ends with a flight to Washington D.C.

On Thursday, her third day on the job, she heads to our ACS CAN office in the nation's capital. There she meets with the ACS CAN senior leadership. It includes a call with ACS CAN leadership volunteers, another working lunch with a casual roundtable discussion, and then a virtual call with select ACS CAN staffers from across the country. Following that are separate one-on-one discussions with Howard Byck, senior VP, Corporate & Sports Alliances, and Tawana Thomas Johnson, VP, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, both of whom live in the area. The day will likely conclude with dinner at Centrolina, an Italian restaurant in northwest D.C., with Lisa Lacasse. How much do you want to bet she orders the 'artichoke four ways'? Read 20 fun insights into our new CEO to learn why. 

After calls Friday morning, Dr. Knudsen will fly back home to Philadelphia. She plans to take up residence in ACS's office off Market Street in downtown Philly. On that same day, Dr. Knudsen plans to participate virtually in the ASCO Annual Meeting.

Our new CEO's schedule will continue to be busy. She's been posting on Twitter for years with the handle @SKCCDirector. She'll now be posting from @AmerCancerCEO, so make sure to follow her. 

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