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ACS collaborates with Genentech and patient groups on lung screening campaign

Campaign aims to double lung cancer screening rates.

The American Cancer Society and the National Lung Cancer Roundtable (NLCRT) are teaming up with Genentech and lung cancer patient advocacy groups on a new “Screen Your Lungs” public awareness campaign to address the cultural stigma around smoking and encourage people at risk for lung cancer to get screened.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer related mortality. Despite evidence that early detection can improve outcomes, lung cancer screening rates among people considered at risk for lung cancer – people ages 50-80 with a > 20 pack years smoking history – are below 10%.

The campaign launches today with a new video PSA and website, The PSA seeks to motivate people at risk for lung cancer to get their lungs screened by transporting them back to a time when smoking was often part of everyday life. The creative intentionally avoids judgement about individuals’ smoking history.

The initiative is a first of its kind joint effort between ACS, the NLCRT, Genentech, the American Lung Association, GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, and LUNGevity Foundation. 

For more information about the campaign, connect with Jennifer Lombardo. And for information on the NLCRT, contact Lauren Rosenthal

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