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News Story highlights our Discovery Shop® commitment to sustainability

Our Discovery Shop expert offers tips for donating goods.

With 2.6 million monthly users, Treehugger is one of the world’s largest information sites dedicated to promoting sustainability. The media source brands itself as ”the only modern sustainability site that offers advice, clarity, and inspiration for both the eco-savvy and the green-living novice.” 

In a July 30 article, our Discovery Shop's high sellable rate and repurposing of donations was highlighted.

Lisa Tempel, vice president, Discovery Shop, West Region, emphasized in the article that less than 10% of donations received at Discovery Shop locations are deemed unsellable. That's a pretty good track record, but to get that percentage even lower, Lisa encourages people to "give only what you would feel good about passing on to a friend or family member.”

Even when items can't be sold, we pass them on to other organizations or upcycle them. "Books that don't sell are passed along to local friends-of library programs. We may donate bed and bath textiles to animal shelters. Our volunteer specialists may repair broken jewelry, deconstruct and upcycle them into new creations, or disassemble a necklace or bracelet, for example, and sell beads and charms in quantity to jewelry makers and crafter customers," Lisa explained.

While sustainability is a priority for us, Lisa noted that spending that extra time trying to divert waste from landfills does "reduce resources and dollars that could otherwise support our lifesaving mission." So, follow her advice, don't give away things just to get them out of your house; donate things you think would be worth buying. Also, it's best to call the store before dropping off a donation, especially if it includes large items. While well-maintained furniture is appreciated and popular among Discovery Shop customers, Lisa said some locations simply don't have the floor space. 

All Discovery Shops in the West Region will be offering 25% off storewide on Tuesday, August 17, National Thrift Shop Day!

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