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BrightEdge invests in Immunitas Therapeutics

It expects to file its first Investigational New Drug application in 2022.

In July, we gave you an update on BrightEdge, our donor-funded impact investment fund. Now, we’re pleased to share that BrightEdge has made a new investment, in Immunitas Therapeutics. 

Immunitas is a single cell genomics-based therapeutic company focused on immunology. The investment will be used to advance the company’s lead program, which is a CD161 inhibitor aimed at treating both solid tumors and hematological cancers, into the clinic. 

The new investment comes as part of a series B financing round led by Agent Capital. Other investors include Medical Excellence Capital, 120 Capital, Solasta Ventures, Mirae Asset, Ono Venture Investment, The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research, NS Investment, and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Therapy Acceleration Program. 

Important note: Please do not reach out to Immunitas for fundraising support. 

Here’s a link to the Immunitas press release.

Promoting BrightEdge with Potential donors

BrightEdge has set an ambitious fundraising and portfolio performance target to help grow the fund to $100 million over the next three years. The ideal BrightEdge prospect is an individual, family, foundation, or corporation that has been qualified as having the capability to donate $500,000 or more over a four-year period. 

A BrightEdge prospect has a demonstrated affinity for cancer-related causes and is passionate about building a sustainable model for ACS. They are interested in innovation, entrepreneurship, and forward-thinking solutions that fuel and deliver ACS mission of health equity, and may have some familiarity with venture capital models and social innovation. 

Feel free to share today’s investment news with people who may have an interest in BrightEdge. 

Regional BrightEdge Contacts  

Each Region has identified a BrightEdge contact, so if you have a prospect you think would be interested in learning more about BrightEdge, please connect with your Region’s contact as a first step.  

  • North Region: Jason McClelland, Lisa Stein
  • North Central Region: Michael Ziener
  • Northeast Region: Anthony Marino, Danielle Maxwell, Eileen McCabe, Greg Murray
  • South Region: Michelle Fair
  • Southeast Region: Kim Azar Anderson, Jessica Triana
  • West Region: Magda Lara, Emily McNaughton
  • Global Headquarters: Vickie Freyleue, Nicole Hill, Jennifer Lombardo, Katie Masucci, Becca McMillan, Jeana Schmidt

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