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Nov. 4: Webinar to help LGBTQ+ people take charge of their health

The Northeast Region's New England LGBTQ+ Strategy Group is hosting a free Nov. 4 webinar called “SPEAK UP for Your Heath: Cancer and Wellness in the LGBTQ+ Community.”

During this webinar, leaders in the field will share insights to help members of the LGBTQ+ community understand their wellness options and equip them with information to have informed discussions with health care providers. One goal is to provide actionable suggestions for how LGBTQ+ individuals can be better advocates for their own health and wellness, especially concerning cancer screening, treatment, and survivorship.

“SPEAK UP” is set for Thursday, Nov. 4, at 12:00 noon ET. Read the full details, including confirmed speakers.

Research shows that LGBT people have a disproportionate burden of cancer. Distinctive risk factors and other barriers to accessing health care mean the LGBTQ+ community has both greater cancer incidence and later stage diagnosis. What’s more, since no cancer registries or surveys consistently collect data on sexual orientation/gender identity (SOGI), LGBTQ+ individuals remain hidden in the current health data.

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