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255 NYC marathon runners raise $1.2M for ACS

$186 raised for each mile that our Team DetermiNation runners traversed!

Congratulations to Ramon Bermo, director, Community Development - Endurance, in the Northeast Region, and the 255 runners on Team DetermiNation who participated in Sunday's New York City Marathon.

Many of our runners have personal connections to cancer. This year was particularly personal for Lauren Edelstein, pictured above with Ramon. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in February, and eight months later she ran her second NYC Marathon with Team DetermiNation. Her boyfriend also ran, and her family traveled from Virginia to NYC to cheer her on.

ACS hosted a team dinner the night before the race. "It was one of the best programs I have seen among all of our events over the past five years," said Paul Purdy, strategic director, endurance events and network fundraising. "There were so many remarkable, poignant, and impactful moments throughout the entire weekend.”

Ramon announced a statistic that resonated well with the runners at the team dinner: each individual mile that our runners traversed on the course represented $186 of fundraising.  

Here are some additional impressive stats from the weekend:

  • Team DetermiNation runners in the NYC Marathon raised $1,235,115 - a record amount for the number of team members. We raised roughly that amount before, but with a 300-member team.
  • Average amount raised per runner: $4,843
  • $900,000 of the overall fundraising was raised in just five months. Because of COVID, registration opened in June instead of February.

Endurance events have raised $7 million for ACS this year.  

Pictured in the smaller image with Ramon is Charlie Farruggio, who ran his 10th NYC Marathon with Team DetermiNation this year. "Charlie has been impacted by cancer in more ways than you can name and because of his dedication and passion (and Ramon’s stewardship) he continues to hit it out of the park with fundraising," said Paul. Ramon named an award, Charlie’s Angels Award, after Charlie that will be given out in years to come.  Charlie joined Team DetermiNation 12 years ago to run in memory of his cousin, Tommy, and later his husband, Bill, was diagnosed with cancer.

Here is a team photo:

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