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Start a Raise Your Way fundraiser today

The platform empowers supporters to raise money for ACS anywhere, anytime.

Raise Your Way lets anyone turn an activity they are passionate about into a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. This year, the Raise Your Way program has already raised more than $2M towards our mission. 

Anyone wanting to start a new fundraiser through Raise Your Way can get started on the Raise Your Way website. It can support: 

  • An event or activity of the supporter’s choice
  • General ACS fundraising (with no restrictions or designations)
  • Specific restrictions or programs, such cancer research or mission programs
  • Walk events including Relay For Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

 Here's how to get started:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Fundraise under one of the available options: 
    • Donate Your Day
    • Create Your Own
    • Honor a Loved One
    • Let’s Conquer Lung Cancer
    • Fight Breast Cancer
  3. Click “Create a Page” and follow the setup process. 
  4. Customize your fundraising page and story. 
  5. Share the page with friends and family and start fundraising for ACS.

If you want to direct funds raised through Raise Your Way to a specific cancer type or event, please talk to an ACS staff person to obtain special coding before you start fundraising.  


  • Raise Your Way Quick Reference Guide: Step-by-step instructions for fundraising your way. 
  • Code your fundraiser to your Society Key/campaign: Complete this form to get your code
  • Adding incentives to your fundraiser: Incentives entice donors to give by offering a desirable item or experience in return for a set donation amount. You can create a single incentive or a set of incentives to choose from. Learn more.
  • Adding milestones to your fundraiser: Milestones are a great way to encourage your donors to give more by helping you achieve fundraising mini goals on the way to raising the total target amount of your fundraiser. You can tie milestones to specific actions such as “When I raise $1,000, I’ll dye my hair blue.” Mission or patient services can also be used as goals. Learn more

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