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Michigan volunteer receives top development award

Award is given to an incredible fundraiser.

Our 2021 Development Volunteer Award for Excellence recognizes a volunteer who has made an incredible impact on the organization’s fundraising efforts. This year’s award goes to Catherine Duchon from Ann Arbor, MI. 

The Development Volunteer Award for Excellence is presented to an individual who has made an incredible impact on the success of the American Cancer Society’s fundraising and development goals. This volunteer must have a demonstrated record of outstanding performance that goes above and beyond the usual roles and responsibilities associated with their volunteer position. Nominees must represent ACS in a manner that advances our mission and expands its community presence. 

About our award winner! 

Catherine (Cathi) Duchon, pictured above on her own and with Abby Samuels, senior development manager, has been a longtime donor to ACS and took on her first leadership volunteer role in 2012 when she was invited to join the executive committee for the Michigan Softball Academy by the University of Michigan’s Softball Coach, Carol Hutchins. In 2013, Cathi led an innovative recruitment effort and became the event’s Team Captain Chair, taking it upon herself to recruit team captains and coach them on recruiting team members to help fundraise. 

That year, the number of event participants rose from 130 to 216 and fundraising nearly doubled to over $82,000. Thanks to Cathi’s support and dedication, the Michigan Softball Academy became the first women’s NCAA team to raise one million dollars for ACS in 2018. That year, Cathi and team March Thru a Million and built the next goal. 

During 2020, the Michigan Softball Academy became one of the first virtual ACS events to take place nationwide – with just six weeks to transition to a virtual platform. Cathi continued to maintain solid relations with team captains and provide a meaningful experience online, resulting in continued surpassed income goals. 

In addition to her continued work with MSA, Cathi enthusiastically signed up as the Ann Arbor market chair, recruiter, and Ambassador for the ResearcHERS program in Michigan. 

Cathi’s leadership across programs continues as she has been among the top fundraisers in the state of Michigan each year.

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