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Advocacy volunteers gather for energized meeting

ACS CAN holds first in-person lead ambassador summit in three years.

For the first time in three years, volunteers and staff traveled to Denver, CO, to participate in-person for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) 2022 State Lead Ambassador (SLA) Summit held on April 29 – May 1. 

As part of the ACS CAN volunteer structure, SLAs serve as the top volunteers in their states and work closely with ACS CAN staff to manage volunteer activities on a statewide basis. Fifty-one SLAs – one for each state and the District of Columbia – facilitate volunteer-led grassroots activities at the community level and serve as a main contact for their US senators. 

Many new and returning dedicated SLAs from nearly all 50 states, were represented at this year’s SLA Summit to share ideas and have open dialogue on key topics related to advocacy engagement, diversity and inclusion and ACS CAN mission priorities. Positive energy and anticipation for a bright future ahead was shared by all in attendance throughout the weekend.   

"I'm feeling energized and restored, YES,” said an ACS CAN SLA who attended. “After a long couple years of virtual, it was so energizing and restorative to gather with this incredible group of staff and volunteers. In less than 48 hours, I gained a wealth of knowledge and insight.”

ACS CAN President Lisa Lacasse along with several staff members presented the organization’s many accomplishments and amazing wins both at the federal and state levels. Federal advocacy updates in preparation for ACS CAN’s upcoming Leadership Summit and Lobby Day in September, along with Lights of Hope and state fundraising goals, were also mentioned in collective and small networking sessions. Inspiration, mentorship, and leadership were the common themes expressed as participants attended breakout sessions and team panel discussions led and moderated by ACS CAN colleagues on topics ranging from state campaigns to health equity. 

View additional photos from the 2022 ACS CAN SLA Summit on Twitter @ACSCAN, or by searching social media for the hashtag #SLASummit2022. Some posts also have been shared on the What's on Social? channel on ACS2Go

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